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The CEO made a introduction of smart shopping cart from SuperHii in China

Since the technology in retailing industry has not changed for a long period of time ,the electronic price tag and the smart shopping cart are thought as the most advanced product in the retail industry in China .Nowadays,more and more retailers begin to deploy smart shopping cart project  to attract more customers .


In fact ,many retailers know little about the smart shopping cart .They only know that the initial objectives of smart shopping cart is helping customers skip the cash counter and do self check-out .Many customers think that the function of the smart shopping cart is as same as the self checkout counters ,that is ,just help customers do self checkout .They need a detailed introduction of smart shopping cart .

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 deploy a  smart shopping cart project

A start up in China ,SuperHii ,is one of the biggest smart shopping cart developers. The CEO of SuperHii ,Cheng Kun,made a introduction of smart shopping cart ?including the hardware?the software?and the functions of the smart shopping cart .


A smart shopping cart is a kind of cart which could help customers a lot during the shopping process .The concept of internet of things and artificial intelligence has been used in making of this smart shopping cart. All the shopping carts will be connected via the internet to the ERP servers and user’s shopping habit will be recorded and next time when they come to shop, they will be notified about products, discounts, offers, etc. related to their previous shopping experience.

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smart shopping cart in China 

Moreover ,for the retailers ,they will get real time data about products being purchased and will know the stock of products at each moment. The above concept will improve the inventory management and customer relationship management. At present ,online shopping is very popular because the internet could track the shopping preference of every customer and then do precision marketing .When starting a smart shopping cart business plan ,retailers could get all the shopping data which take place in their stores ,thus the precision marketing could be realized .


Cheng Kun hopes that the introduction of smart shopping cart could help customers use the smart shopping cart freely and help retailers reduce labour cost ,attract more customers as well .


Introduction of  smart shopping cart will be quiet appealing in the retail sector and will lead to a new era of buying and selling of goods. Since the main issue it covers is saving time of the buyer, it can be considered as a good option to start a smart shopping cart business plan now