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Smart shopping cart developer Superhii launched its carts to Japan

In 2019 ,in Yorkbenimaru supermarket in Japan , many customers were curious about the novel intelligent shopping cart which were put in store .The novel intelligent shopping cart looks quite different from the ordinary shopping cart .There is a tablet and bar code scanner on the cart ,and the intelligent shopping cart looks very advanced and beautiful . These smart shopping carts are developed by smart shopping cart developer ,Superhii .


Superhii is a dedicated smart shopping cart developer in China .Superhii company was established in 2015 ,the smart shopping cart developer spent 3 years and devoted themselves to develop smart shopping cart .After 3 years of tough efforts ,they developed smart shopping cart which could directly been launched in the supermarket .From then on ,they began to expand the market ,mainly the domestic market . Until 2019,the smart shopping cart developer has built cooperation with more than 60 supermarkets in China .


                            Smart shopping cart developer  launched its carts to Japan

Yorkbenimaru supermarket is the smart shopping cart developers first trail in overseas market ,it succeed .Many customers reached to Yorkbenimaru supermarket to experience the smart shopping cart , they found it was easy to operate and it was very convenient .


What is the shopping process of using the smart shopping cart ?

First ,customers log in on the interactive screen ,select goods they need , then they scan the bar code of the goods and directly put the goods into the cart .The bill will appear on the interactive screen automatically .Customers could leave the supermarket just after they check out by themselves .The smart shopping cart developer believes that technology should bring convenience and comfortableness to us ,so the shopping process should be as easy as possible ,and they have made it come true.


                 Smart shopping cart developer  launched its carts to Japan

Why do they choose to cooperate with Superhii ?

 The Yorkbenimaru supermarket knew Superhii by accident .They learned the excellent hardware system and the software system of superhii smart shopping cart ,they witnessed that the smart shopping cart developer launching smart shopping carts in many different kinds of supermarkets and decided to cooperate with Superhii . It sure was a important milestone event both for supermarket and for smart shopping cart developer .


Smart shopping carts launched in Yorkbenimaru supermarket worked very well ,they help bring customers improved shopping experience and bring retailers lower operation cost . (Editor :Superhii ,Cindy Xin )