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Hejiafu hypermarket :We have abundant objectives of smart shopping cart

 In Anhui province of China ,there are so many Hejiafu hypermarket branches .Hejiafu hypermarket acquired all the advantages of the local brands ,and it has developed and expanded very fast in the past 20 years .It is the most widely distributed hypermarket in Anhui Province . Just 2 months ago ,Hejiafu launched some smart shopping carts in its branches in Hefei ,the capital city of Anhui province . When they were asked :Why they choose to launch smart shopping cart in 2020 ?They replied that ,they have abundant objectives of smart shopping cart . 


In fact ,that was not the first time that Hejiafu hypermarket began to deploy smart shopping cart project.Early in 2019 ,Hejiafu hypermarket has launched the smart shopping cart in their stores in Hefei . Why do they choose Hefei as the pilot ? Hefei is not the capital city of Anhui province ,but also the headquarter location of Hejiafu hypermarket .


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objectives of smart shopping cart in Hejiafu hypermarket

There were usually crowds in Hejiafu hypermarket every day at 20:00PM-22:00PM every day  and  on weekends ,especially at the cash counter ,there usually was a long queue .Even Hejiafu has asked all their cashiers to serve customers on that period of time ,the long queue can not be eliminated . The initial objectives of smart shopping cart are helping customers skip the cash counter and do self check-out ,thus could eliminate the long queue .


The smart shopping cart launched in Hejiafu hypermarket was developed by SuperHii ,a company in Xian ,China .SuperHii smart shopping carts convenience goes beyond self check-out .It could provide more than you can imagine .

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 objectives of smart shopping cart for retailers

After Hejiafu hypermarket launched smart shopping cart ,they found more objectives of smart shopping cart .Smart shopping cart can collect customers shopping routes data ,including the items selecting ,items purchasing process ,etc .Based on these data ,retailers could do accurate marketing according to customers need ,this will greatly help retailers increase their sales .


Moreover ,customers could have a better shopping experience with the smart shopping cart from SuperHii .The objectives of smart shopping cart are providing self check-out service ,pushing related goods information ,pushing coupons ,thus providing an improved shopping experience .